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Methane Hotspot Seen from Space

Using satellites, scientists at NASA and the University of Michigan found an unusually large methane hotspot over the Four Corners region of the United States in the desert Southwest. Christian Frankenberg of NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory talks about the unexpected finding and its likely source.

Cap and Trade Heats Up Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Race

Under the EPAs proposed rules states have to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 2030, but Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidates disagree on how to do it. Allegheny Fronts Julie Grant reports that one candidate favors joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative would help meet these goals, but his opponent and Pennsylvanias coal power industry says no.

Beyond the Headlines

In this weeks trip between the headlines, Peter Dykstra tells us about a scathing report about the Canadian governments environmental shortfalls from the Canadian government itself, the value of clean water and the invention of nylon stockings.

Life For A Humpback Whale

Mark Seth Lender has followed humpback whales throughout the northern hemisphere, in the Atlantic, the Pacific and in the Arctic Ocean. He stopped by Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary on the New England coast, to visit with a Humpback whale and her calf.

A Man, His Clarinet and Natures Singers

David Rothenberg is in search of an interspecies moment. With his clarinet in hand, the professor of music and philosophy at the New Jersey Institute of Technology plays along with birds, bugs and whales, hoping to discover something beyond the world of human music. Rothenberg spoke with us from his home studio about why animals make music and why he makes music with them.