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A Fight for New Wilderness

Despite the 1964 Wilderness Act, Congress, local opposition and special interest groups are making it increasingly harder to pass wilderness bills, which would legally protect federal lands from development, but advocates in Southeast Oregon continues to fight for wilderness designation for Owyhee Canyon lands. Cassandra Profita from EarthFix reports.

Beyond the Headlines

In this weeks trip beyond the headlines, Peter Dykstra speaks about how living near green spaces positively impacts newborns health; also how invasive algae rock snot is spreading and journalists are pressuring the Canadian government; and remembering 1999s Hurricane Floyd and the Hog Waste Crisis.

British Petroleum Guilty of Gross Negligence

A judge recently ruled that BP acted with gross negligence of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, meaning it may have to pay as much as $18 billion dollars of additional fines. We sat down with Vermont Law School's Peter Parenteau to wade through the legal speak and discuss what the ruling means.

Worlds Biggest Carbon Trading Market?

China recently announced its plans to introduce a national carbon trading market helping to reduce its contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions. We spoke with the Natural Resources Defense Councils Asia Director Barbara Finamore about Chinas regional carbon trading pilot programs leading to a national program.