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The US Supreme Court will hear a challenge to EPA mercury emissions rule

For years, the coal industry has enjoyed tax benefits and exemptions from strict environmental regulations. But those days might be over: President Barack Obama is using EPA authority under the Clean Air Act to try to curb coal power plant emissions, including CO2 and mercury. But coal interests are fighting back in the courts.

Canals in Boston?

Boston is one of the most vulnerable cities in the world to sea level rise. But now urban planners in Boston are looking at ways the city can adapt its infrastructure to accommodate rising tides. One idea could turn Boston's historic Back Bay neighborhood into the next Venice.

Whos Prepared for Climate Change?

Global warming is presenting cities around the world with challenges ranging from depleted water resources to increased storm surge. OnEarth Editor Jeff Turrentine discusses which cities are doing the most to prepare climate change, and which cities have their heads in the sand.

Transforming Helsinkis Transportation System

Finlands capital of Helsinki is quickly growing and the citys current transportation system cannot support it and is financially impractical. Helsinkis Director of Transport and Traffic Planning Ville Lehmuskoski discusses the citys novel mobility as a service model and how investing in shared modes of transport based on situational needs benefits Helsinkis community and elevates transportation congestion.