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The darker side of Thailand's sex industry: trafficking underage girls

In Thailand's underage sex industry, the word "trafficking" as we know it in the West, doesn't get used much. The phrase "buying and selling" is more common. But however you describe it, the practice of taking underage girls from their homes in the north and forcing them into the sex industry in Chiang Mai (and beyond) hasn't gone away.

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The day to remember the 'forgotten genocide'


Between 5 million and 7 million Circassians live around the world, descendants of the native tribes expelled from the Caucasus in the 1860s by Russian Imperial forces. The recent Winter Olympics in their ancestral capital of Sochi angered Circassians, but it also brought them together. They aim to get Russia to recognize a right of return for Circassians. It's a long shot, but these are not people known for giving up easily.