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Geo answer

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is Petty Island, a small island in the Delaware River between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. It's been owned for years by the oil company CITGO, which is owned by the Venezuelan government. Now Venezuela wants to hand ownership of the island over to New Jersey. Anchor Katy Clark gets details from the BBC's Carlos Chirino.

Global Politics

Secretary Clinton on capitol hill

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told the House Foreign Affairs committee that the Obama administration is seeking a diplomatic solution to the nuclear standoff with Iran. But if that doesn't work, she suggested the groundwork is being laid for "crippling sanctions" against Iran. The World's Matthew Bell reports.

Global Politics

CIA lacks language-savvy staff

Anchor Katy Clark speaks with Republican Congressman Pete Hoekstra about the CIA's language problem. The agency doesn't have enough employees who speak foreign languages. Congressman Hoekstra is a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence.

Arts, Culture & Media

A match for the ages

Katy Clark speaks with Marshall Jon Fisher about what he describes as the greatest tennis match ever played. Fisher's new book, "A Terrible Splendor," tells the story of the 1937 Davis Cup semi-final match between American Don Budge and Gottfried von Cramm, a German. With war on the horizon, Von Cramm was literally playing for his life as well as his homeland.

Conflict & Justice

Thousands displaced in Sri Lanka violence

Anchor Katy Clark speaks with the BBC's Charles Haviland in Sri Lanka about the latest chapter in the country's 25-year civil war. The Sri Lankan military is fighting its way into the last slice of territory held by Tamil Tiger rebels. Tens of thousands of civilians are trying to flee the area, and there are fears that many civilians have been killed.

Lifestyle & Belief

God is back

The World's religion editor Jane Little speaks with John Micklethwait of the Economist magazine. He's the co-author with Adrian Wooldridge of a new book called "God is Back." It describes a global revival of faith.

Global Politics

Fierce competition for mayor of Sochi

The Russian political event of the year may very well be hundreds of miles from Moscow. A ballerina, a porn star, a billionaire, and an arm wrestling champion are all among the candidates for mayor of Sochi, the resort town that will host the 2014 Winter Olympics. Jessica Golloher has the story.