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Conflict & Justice

Swiss tax evasion ruling

A court in Switzerland ruled today that a Swiss financial regulator broke secrecy laws by ordering the bank UBS to release client information to US tax authorities. Anchor Jeb Sharp finds out more from Beat Kappeler, an economist.

Science, Tech & Environment

Geo answer

For today's Geo Quiz we were looking for the zoo where FIVE RARE WHITE TIGER CUBS were recently born. The answer is the Chilean National Zoo in Santiago. Anchor Jeb Sharp finds out more about the white tiger cubs from zoo veterinarian Carolina Ibarra.


Moroccan music

For our Global Hit today, we took an unscientific survey of what people in the city of Marrakech are listening to. The World's Adeline Sire went to Morocco and took a sampling.


We are at War

In his report about the attempted Christmas Day airliner bombing, President Obama said ?we are at war against al Qaeda.? The World's Matthew Bell explores what the President means by being ?at war?.


Rift in Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, the world's oldest and largest Islamist group, counts 150,000 members But it's becoming increasingly divided over its role in Egyptian politics. Reporter Ursula Lindsey has the story from Cairo.


Churches attacked in Malaysia

Jeb Sharp speaks with the BBC's Jennifer Pak about a spate of attacks on Christian churches in Malaysia. They follow a controversy over the use of the word ?Allah? by some Malaysians when referring to the God of Christianity.