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Science, Tech & Environment

Zimbabwe farm invasions

Lisa Mullins speaks with John Worswich, chief executive of a group in Zimbabwe called "Justice for Agriculture,� who says thugs associated with Zimbabwe's embattled ruling party have been invading farms as the country's political uncertainty continues.

Science, Tech & Environment

Geo answer: Acre

For today's Geo Quiz we were looking for the name of a Brazilian state with a new state-run condom factory. The answer is Acre. The condom factory will soon be producing condoms made from rubber harvested in the Amazon rainforest..

Arts, Culture & Media

Global Hit: Black 47

The World's Marco Werman introduces us to the music of the Black 47's. Their latest CD is called, "Iraq". Band leader Larry Kirwan says material for the album grew out of his correspondence with the band's fans serving in the Iraq war.

Conflict & Justice

Olympic torch trouble

Sarah Elzas reports that the Paris leg of the Olympic torch relay was cut short today after anti-China protests disrupted the event; such protests are expected all along the torch's path to Beijing.

Arts, Culture & Media

Not-so-live performance

A new book states that Luciano Pavarotti's performance at the 2006 Olympic opening ceremonies in Turin was lip-synched - both voice and orchestra were recorded before the ceremony, and The World's Alex Gallafent examines the significance of the claim.

Global Politics

Surge strategy briefing

The World's Katy Clark reports on the issues likely to come up on Capitol Hill when General David Petraeus testifies tomorrow; Patraeus will brief Congress on what the surge strategy in Iraq has accomplished and on the way forward for U.S. forces.