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Rolling back Afghan women's rights

The World's Jeb Sharp reports on opposing forces tugging at progress in women's rights in Afghanistan. An outcry over a new law restricting women's rights has erupted just as the Obama Administration is apparently trying to lower expectations for what can be achieved in Afghanistan.

Iranian-American journalist charged with espionage

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Los Angeles Times correspondent Borzou Daragahi, about the latest in the case of Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi. Iranian judicial authorities have charged Saberi with spying for the United States. She's been in Iranian custody since January. Saberi has filed stories for this program.

Global Politics

Moldova's twitter demonstrations

Moldova is Europe's poorest and least developed country. But its people are making full use of technology to organize massive protests against the government. Moldovans have taken to the streets following the results of parliamentary elections, which have left the communists still in power. Anchor Lisa Mullins learns more from media consultant, Evgeny Morozov. He's written an article for Foreign Policy magazine that he calls Moldova's Twitter revolution.

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Geo answer/Global hit

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is Palermo, a neighborhood in Argentina's capital city, Buenas Aires. Palermo is known for its bohemian cafes and hyper-active nightlife. It's also the birthplace of a high-tech dance party movement, known as "zizek. Zizek's musical foundation is cumbia, a rhythm originally from Colombia. Reporter Corey Takahashi has today's Global Hit.