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Global Politics

Putin issues gas warning

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin warned today that the era of inexpensive natural gas is coming to an end. As one of the world's largest gas producers, Russia is a key player in the energy market.

Arts, Culture & Media

NSA report

It's the holiday season. And history buffs interested in the Vietnam War era just got a gift: newly-declassified tape recordings of President Nixon and Henry Kissinger. The World's Matthew Bell listens in.

Lifestyle & Belief

The Keffiyeh issue and fashion

The black and white checkered scarf known as a keffiyeh is a symbol of Palestinian nationalism. But some Westerners wear the keffiyeh as a fashion statement. The World's Aaron Schachter explains why that's got some Palestinians perturbed.

Global Politics

Mobilizing to combat climate change

Like Franklin Delano Roosevelt, President elect Obama is facing tough economic times, and an industrial challenge. While Roosevelt mobilized industry to fight a war, Obama pledges to mobilize to battle climate change. The World's Jason Margolis has more.