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Khmer Rouge leaders to go on trial

The trial of five former Khmer Rouge leaders begins tomorrow in Phenom Penh. The World's Mary Kay Magistad reports from Trapaing Sva, a village about an hour south of the Cambodian capital.

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Global Hit

Indian film composer A. R. Rahman is nominated for 3 Academy Awards for his soundtrack to "Slumdog Millionaire." He talked to The World's Marco Werman about creating the film's sound.

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Economy tops the agenda for Clinton trip

Hillary Clinton arrived in Japan today to kick-off her first trip as Secretary of State. She'll also visit Indonesia, South Korea and China this week. The World's Katy Clark reports that the gloomy economy - which is hitting Japan and China especially hard - is threatening to overshadow all other matters on Secretary Clinton's agenda.

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Mixed feelings for China in Africa

China's president Hu Jintao is wrapping up a four-nation visit to Africa. President Hu is signaling his country's interest in doing major business on the continent. But The World's Laura Lynch reports that some Africans have mixed feelings about the nature of the expanding Chinese investment.