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Global Politics

Global expectations

We hear what observers and leaders around the globe expect of President Obama, in reports from The World's correspondents Gerry Hadden in Spain, Laura Lynch in London and Mary Kay Magistad in Beijing.

Global Politics

Next steps to revitalize a down-turned economy

President Obama met today with economic officials and appointees. His nominee for Treasury secretary, Tim Geithner, appealed for "forceful action" today at his confirmation hearing before the Senate Finance committee. The rest of the world is also hoping for effective measures. With a globalized economy, it seems, everyone sinks together. We speak with John Authers, the Investment Editor with the Financial Times, in New York.

Conflict & Justice

Recover in the Gaza strip

President Obama didn't waste any time diving into the cauldron of Middle East diplomacy. That pursuit begins in the aftermath of Israel's 22-day military offensive in Gaza. The Palestinian territory is in ruins right now -- and so are the lives of many Gaza residents. The World's Quil Lawrence has one family's story.

Global Politics

Obama effect in the Middle East

People in many parts of the Arab world who listened to President Obama's inaugural speech yesterday welcomed his offer to bridge the divide between the West and the Muslim world. The World's Aaron Schachter explores how their reactions, not surprisingly, had a lot to do with the situations in their own countries.

Global Politics

Obama's Guant-namo challenge

The World's Katy Clark reports on the challenges facing the Obama Administration in its push to close the Guant-namo Bay prison camp. Today a military judge agreed with a request from the new administration to put one Guant-namo trial on hold.

Arts, Culture & Media

Geo answer

The answer today's Geo Quiz is not a place, but rather an organization that oversees the seas. It's the International Hydrographic Organization based in Monte Carlo. Anchor Lisa Mullins get details about its inner workings from journalist Simon Winchester who's writing a new biography of the Atlantic Ocean.