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Israeli Hanukkah donut

Hanukkah begins Sunday night and that means something special in Israel: Donuts! Or more accurately: sufganiyot. We sent The World's Middle East correspondent, Quil Lawrence, out to sample the seasonal delight.

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Geo Answer + Global Hit

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is the Mexican state of Michoac-n. It's one of the places that inspires the music of Latin roots band "Sol y Canto." Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with the band's Rosi and Brian Amador about their new CD, "Cada Dia Un Regalo" -- or "Each Day A Gift."

Global Politics

State Department's histories at risk

The Office of the Historian at the State Department is tasked with writing the official history of U.S. foreign policy. By law it must create a "thorough, reliable and accurate" record of U.S. foreign policy. The tradition dates back to 1861.

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Dueling hallelujahs

Music fans are using the internet as a battleground to campaign for their favorite cover version of Leonard Cohen's 1984 love song "Hallelujah." The World's Alex Gallafent tells the story to anchor Lisa Mullins.