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Conflict & Justice

Canadian lawmakers eat seal

Canadian lawmakers sat down to eat seal meat as a show of support for Canada's seal hunters in the face of a European ban. Anchor David Baron speaks with the Canadian senator who organized the lunch, Celine Hervieux-Payette of the Liberal Party.

Conflict & Justice

Massacre in Nigeria

Details about a massacre outside the Nigerian city of Jos on Sunday are still sketchy. Authorities arrested dozens of Muslim men after the attacks. The BBC's Komla Dumor visited one of the villages and speaks with one of the survivors.


Life in Palau after Guantanamo

The Obama Administration has been trying to find countries willing to take in several Uighur men who were detained at Guantanamo. Some have now been relocated to the tiny Pacific island nation of Palau. The World's Mary Kay Magistad has their story.

Arts, Culture & Media

When silence is golden

Drivers of London's black cabs are famous for their skills as talkers, a trait that delights some passengers but annoys others. New recruits to the job could be given training in another skill: knowing when to zip it. The World's Alex Collins has more.