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Sci-fi at the U.N.

The United Nations has asked the creators and stars of Sci-Fi Network's 'Battlestar Galactica' to take part in a panel discussion in New York this evening. Anchor Lisa Mullins asks The World's Clark Boyd... 'why?'

Arts, Culture & Media

Global Hit

We hear from Craig Reece, of the Scottish vinyl-record label Starla Records. He says Starla likes to record Scottish artists doing their version of American soul and rock classics.

Conflict & Justice

Geo answer

For today's Geo Quiz, we wanted the name of a state in India that's handing out free cell phones to villagers -- hoping they'll supply timely information about rebel movements. The answer is the state of Jharkhand -- in northeastern India.

Global Politics

More anger directed at AIG

The World's Matthew Bell has the latest on the AIG bonus scandal. Members of Congress are now proposing a narrowly-focused tax aimed at recouping some of the bonuses paid to AIG executives after the company was bailed out by taxpayers.