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Cuba's ladies in white

Marco Werman speaks with the BBC's Michael Voss in Havana, about the protesters known as 'The Ladies in White.'; wives and mothers of jailed opposition activists. Lately their peaceful marches have been disrupted by crowds of pro-government supporters.

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Geo answer

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is Togo. A few months back, Togo took out an ad in the New York Times, saying it was open for business for tourists. But what would a tourist go to Togo to see? We hear in a report from Anna Boiko-Weyrach.


Greece asks for international aid package

Greece has asked for the activation of a financial rescue package. It had hoped that just the promise of EU support, would have been be enough. But Greece's problems have continued. The World's Jason Margolis has more about the potential ramifications.


British election campaign heats up

British voters go to the polls on May 6th. The American-style TV face-offs have injected extraordinary energy into the campaign. They've also helped elevate the Liberal Democrats. Jeb Sharp talks with Basham Patrick, who directs the Democracy Institute.