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Trauma court for Vets

There's an effort underway in a few courts across the country to give special treatment to veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan who are charged with crimes. From member station KRCC in Colorado Springs, Andrea Chalfin reports.


The Pakistani Taliban

The investigation into the failed car bombing in Times Square has focussed attention on the Pakistani Taliban. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Christine Fair of Georgetown University about the relationship between the Afghan and Pakistani Taliban.


Germany votes to bail out Greece

Today Germany's Lower House of Parliament approved a controversial 38 billion dollar bailout loan to Greece. It's deeply unpopular among Germans, but it brings the EU one step closer to providing a massive rescue package to Greece. Gerry Hadden reports.


Private militias in the Philippines

Voters across the Philippines head to the polls. But many are concerned about the potential for violence. In recent weeks, 12 local political leaders have been gunned down by politically connected 'private armies.' Phillip Martin reports.