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The murder of albinos in Tanzania

Tanzania's recently become known for something macabre ? the killings and mutilations of members of Tanzania's albino population. They're spurred by a lucrative trade in albino body parts for witchdoctor rituals. The World's Jeb Sharp reports.

Conflict & Justice

The backlash against BP

President Barack Obama has strongly criticized BP's CEO Tony Hayward over the massive oil spill in the Gulf. The World's Katy Clark reports on how citizens are grappling with the oil spill disaster. Some are now boycotting BP.


Lead poisoning disaster in Nigeria

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Richard Fuller of the Blacksmith Institute, an organization that is helping to clean up a toxic mine in northern Nigeria where at least 170 people, mostly children, have died after being exposed to high levels of lead.

Science, Tech & Environment

Haiti update

It's now nearly five months since Haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake. Reporter Amy Bracken is back in Port au Prince. Marco Werman gets her impressions about progress there since January's earthquake.


The language of soccer

The US men's soccer team will start its World Cup campaign against England. It's the first time the two teams will have met at a World Cup tournament since 1950. On that occasion, the US beat England 1-0. The World's Alex Gallafent reports.


New sanctions on Iran

The UN Security Council has voted once again to sanction Iran. Washington Post correspondent Colum Lynch tells anchor Marco Werman the sanctions tighten and expand restrictions on Iran, but Lynch says there are plenty of loopholes.


Stalin sculpture angers Virginia town

Bedford, Virginia is home to the National D-Day Memorial. But a change at the memorial has residents up in arms. A bust of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin was placed alongside those of FDR and Churchill. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with James Morrison.