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Considering a two-state solution

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Joel Rubin, Government Affairs Director for "J Street," a political action committee and lobbying group. The group represents pro-Israel, pro-peace American Jews and their allies, and supports a two-state solution for the Middle East.

Global Politics

NAFTA stays as is

The World's Lorne Matalon reports on how Mexico is reacting to the Obama Administration's decision not to seek a renegotiation of NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement. Mexico's government doesn't want to re-open the trade deal. But critics in Mexico are disappointed, because they feel NAFTA has hurt Mexicans economically.

Global Politics

Policing the police at the G20 meeting

The British government launched hearings today into the actions of some police officers during the G20 summit in London earlier this month. Police have been accused of attacking protesters at the summit -- and one of the confrontations may have led to a protester's death. The World's Laura Lynch reports from London.

Global Politics

Appeal ordered for imprisoned Iranian-American reporter

The head of Iran's judiciary today ordered what he called a quick and fair appeal for Iranian-American journalist, Roxana Saberi. Saberi was sentenced this weekend to eight years in prison on charges of spying for the United States. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Mansour Farhang, a professor of politics at Bennington College, and a former Iranian ambassador to the UN, about the case, and what it says about politics inside Iran.

Global Politics

Dissatisfaction with the ANC in South Africa

The African National Congress (ANC) is widely expected to retain power in South Africa when voters go to the polls on Wednesday. But dissatisfaction with the ANC and its new leader, Jacob Zuma, is growing in some areas. In one corner of South Africa, the Western Cape, the ANC may actually lose. Rhoda Metcalfe reports from Cape Town.

Conflict & Justice

German lawyers to defend Somali pirates

A group of German lawyers seeks to defend nine Somali men accused of an attempted pirate attack on a German freighter. The alleged pirates are in custody in Kenya, where they face trial this week. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with one of the German lawyers, Oliver Wallasch.