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Israeli reservist awaits call-up

Thousands of Israeli soldiers are being recalled to military service as the fighting in Gaza continues. Anchor Jeb Sharp speaks with Michael Normantovich, a reservist with the Israeli Defense Force who expects to be called at any moment.

Lifestyle & Belief

Atheist campaign in Spain

The World's Gerry Hadden reports on a campaign to promote atheism in Spain. As part of the campaign, advertising posters on buses in Barcelona have been displaying messages like "There's probably no God, now stop worrying and enjoy life."

Global Politics

Obama and immigration reform

Anchor Jeb Sharp speaks with Doris Meissner, former head of the US Immigration and Naturalization Service, about the current state of relations between the US and Mexico on immigration issues. President-elect Obama is schedule to meet with Mexican president Felipe Calderon on Monday.

Global Politics

Geo answer

Today's answer is the city of Kano in northern Nigeria. It's the country's third largest city, by area, and motorcycle drivers there are unhappy about a new law that requires them to wear helmets. Anchor Jeb Sharp speaks with the BBC's Andrew Walter in Nigeria.

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Global Hit

In today's Global Hit, we hear from Russian trumpet player Alexei Sipiagin. He describes his journey from growing up in the Soviet Union to playing at the pinnacle of American jazz.