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Political cartooning and the web

The work of French political cartoonist Jean Plantureux, known as Plantu, appears almost daily on the cover of the French newspaper Le Monde. Marco Werman speaks to Plantu about the impact of the web on cartooning.


Guam people ponder their identity

Recent demandeds that US forces be moved off the Japanese island of Okinawa mean there are plans to move some Okinawa Marines to Guam. Mary Kay Magistad reports plans for the military build-up there have ignited soul-searching.


Mexican Wind Power for US Homes?

San Diego's electric utility wants to build a big windfarm across the border near Tijuana. Mexican conservationists are worried about impacts from a project that wouldn't benefit the area. Ilsa Setziol reports.


Geo answer

India is the answer to today's Geo Quiz. India's Atomic Energy regulatory body is investigating an incident involving the death of a scrap metal worker. Anchor Marco Werman gets details from the BBC's Sanjoy Majunder.

Arts, Culture & Media

Violinist Xiang Yu

Twenty-one year old violin student Xiang Yu plays a Bach violin sonata during a visit to our studio today and tells anchor Marco Werman about his recent experience at the 2010 Menuhin Competition for Young Violinists in Oslo, Norway.


British candidates focus on economy

One week to go, but there's still no certain winner, or even clear leader, in the British election. Today, the leaders of the three main parties squared off in the last of three televised debates. The World's Laura Lynch reports.


Third party shake-up in British elections

Britain's third political party is mounting a serious challenge in this election. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor at The Nation magazine and writer for The Washington Post, about third-party lessons for the U.S.