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PRI's The World: 7/11/14

July 11, 2014

Germaine Greer made a name for herself back in the 60s and 70s as a feminist writer. Her latest book is about her turn towards environmentalism, which started on a visit to Australia. Plus, an interview with a reporter in Honduras who's been looking at the violence there and the impact it's having on immigration to the United States. Also, Isidoro the Ocelot chooses this weekend's World Cup winner...and has a surprise, family-related announcement.

PRI's The World: 7/10/14

July 10, 2014

There are allegations that the NSA has been snooping on Muslim-Americans in the United States ... meantime, ongoing revelations of US spying in Germany are ruffling US-German relations. Plus, doping in Major League Baseball and the journey from Belize to Miami, by way of many Latin American countries. And the ancient Greek version of kevlar — linen.

PRI's The World: 7/09/14

July 09, 2014

There's a defeat...and then there's what Brazil experienced yesterday at the World Cup. What does it all mean for Brazil? Also, we've been hearing about young Central Americans making the trek north to the US... we profile two young Guatemalans who crossed the border illegally and are hoping to stay. And in the midst of rocket fire and air-strikes, we check in with a Palestinian and an Israeli on both sides of the border.

PRI's The World: 7/08/14

July 08, 2014

With violence flaring once again in the Middle East, we take you to Gaza to try to get a sense of how everyday life is being affected. Plus, amid renewed violence in Iraq we look at the role water — or lack of it — plays in the conflict. And, the fields have taken a beating during The World Cup, but for the most part, it looks like the grass has held up well. We wondered — where does that grass come from? You'll be surprised to find out.

PRI's The World: 7/07/14

July 07, 2014

Before you travel abroad, do you ever check out the State Department's website listing the countries considered dangerous? A State Department official tells us how those determinations are made. And, an update on a country that's currently on the State Department list of dangerous spots - Ukraine. Fighting between pro-Russian separatists and the Ukrainian military continue in the eastern part of the country. Plus, the musical stylings of a Jamaican blues man named Brushy One-String. Guess how many strings he has on his guitar? Go on, guess.