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September 10, 2014

President Obama will outline his plans to combat the extremist group, ISIS. We'll assess ISIS's military capabilities. Also, we have the incredible story of the Green Prince. The son of a Hamas leader, he's recruited by Israeli intelligence to spy on his family and his own people. And, from Shanghai — Western actors who get cast as the "experts" in Chinese ads for everything from long underwear to milk powder.

PRI's The World: 9/09/2014

September 09, 2014

We go to Baghdad to take the pulse of the Iraqi public ahead of Obama's speech tomorrow. The President is expected to outline a strategy to combat a militant group that calls itself the Islamic State. Also, selling Toyotas in Tripoli — militants love to retro-fit Toyota's pickup trucks as weapons of war, and dealers are bound by contract to refuse to sell to anybody who might "use the products to cause chaos." Plus, life in the Darien Gap — the one stretch that's missing from the Pan-American highway, which stretches from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.

PRI's The World: 9/8/2014

September 08, 2014

An American convert to militant Islam now favors peace, but explains why young Muslims feel drawn to jihad. Also, we begin an occasional series on the joys and challenges of translation. Plus, we go behind the scenes of a popular Nigerian radio soap opera.

PRI's The World: 9/05/2014

September 05, 2014

NATO's plans for deterring Russian aggression are on the battlefield — and online. Also, Israelis look across their border with Syria and see al Qaeda. And a Canadian DJ takes on Disney in a fight over mouse ears.

PRI's The World: 09/04/2014

September 04, 2014

Thursday on The World, we look at why the Ebola crisis isn't getting a full crisis response. Also, how multiple foreign crises are putting American power to the test. And, why chess fans worldwide are focusing on St. Louis.