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PRI's The World: 4/04/14

April 04, 2014

There are somber assessments of Afghanistan on the eve of elections. We remember one of the latest victims of the violence; an Associated Press photojournalist who was killed today in Khost. Plus, the story of a Senegalese peacekeeper who managed to save lives as the genocide began in Rwanda 20 years ago. And an American photographer with a singular obsession: Soviet bus stops.

PRI's The World: 4/03/14

April 03, 2014

Social media and how the times are changing for those living in Cuba. Plus, why Eastern European nations are stressing over Russia. And, need sex advice? Ask India's Dr. Ruth. He's a 90-year-old grandfather.

PRI's The World: 4/02/14

April 02, 2014

Afghanistan is gearing up for presidential elections this weekend and people registering to vote are encountering long lines and some frustration. Also, why Russians love Vladimir Putin, but also American culture. And Uruguay's pot growers come out of the shadows.

PRI's The World: 4/01/14

April 01, 2014

An outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in Guinea has the World Health Organization worried. Also, the creation of playgrounds in Spain ... for the elderly. And, we remember the Godfather of House Music, Frankie Knuckles.

PRI's The World: 3/31/14

March 31, 2014

Too much water in some places, too little water in others - disease and food shortages too. These are just some of the stern warnings on the risks ahead from climate change in new report released Monday. Also, Afghans register to vote despite Taliban intimidation. Plus, the immigrants who keep Las Vegas running.