Tory Starr

Social Media Producer
My job as Social Media Producer is to drag stodgy journalists kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a stodgy journalist in the newsroom to pick on.
I joined The World in September 2012 as the program’s first social media producer. My main job is to build community around our Human Needs (global health and development) and Global Nation (feature reporting on immigrant lives in America) beats. In my spare time I run a social media group at WGBH, looking at trends and best practices for social media.
The best day of my life was February 12, 2011, when the documentary film I worked on won an Oscar for Best Documentary Short. The worst day of my life was February 13, 2011, when I found out they don't give Oscar statues to location managers.

Recent Stories

Conflict & Justice

New York City's hijacked hashtag launches a global conversation on police brutality

When the New York Police Department encouraged its followers on Twitter to share photos of themselves with NYPD officers, the result was not what they expected. Two days later, the hashtag has been mimicked in a half dozen cities around the world to showcase police brutality. But the social media effort has had another consequence: it has started a global dialogue about the perception of police and policing in different cities.

Health & Medicine

Reporter Sonia Narang answers your questions about maternal health in Nepal


Sonia Narang answered your questions about her story and her observations about maternal and newborn health in Nepal during a live Q&A on The World's Facebook page on Tuesday, February 25. Narang's report, part of our "Ninth Month" series, examined the efforts to change Nepal’s ingrained attitudes and behaviors around pregnant women performing strenuous tasks that put mothers and their unborn children at risk.