Rhitu Chatterjee

Rhitu Chatterjee

Rhitu arrived in the United States with the aim of becoming an academic scientist. But, a year later, she began volunteering at a community radio station in Columbia, Mo., and soon realized that journalism would be the perfect way to merge her interest in science with her love for story telling.

Her favorite stories are about how people use science, and how it affects human lives. She also enjoys stories about how people and culture influence scientific inquiry.

Before coming to The World in 2009, Rhitu worked for the journal Environmental Science and Technology, where she covered environmental science and policy as a reporter and editor. She has also written articles for Science magazine and produced radio pieces for NPR.

Rhitu holds an M.A. in journalism from the University of Missouri, Columbia, and did her undergraduate work in Darjeeling, India. Rhitu is now based in Delhi, India.

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