Patrick Cox

Language Editor

At The World, I switch between editing and reporting, broadcasting and podcasting, in-depth series and tweeting, the US and the UK.  Words connect what I do. On a good day, those words are English and intelligible.

Since 2008, I have been running The World's language desk and hosting a podcast called The World in Words

Before I became the newsroom's "Lingo Boy" (thanks, people), I reported on politics and culture for The World. I also reported and edited several series. Before that, I went to grad school in California.  I have also lived in Alaska, Oregon, Denmark, Moldova and the UK. London is my home town.

Because of my job. some people mistakenly take me to be some kind of linguistic expert. My spelling and grammar are terrible. But I do speak Danish as well as English, plus bad Chinese and French. I can read menus and follow soccer commentary in several other languages.

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