Nina Porzucki


When I was a kid my favorite record was a collection of sounds of the city: sirens, cooing pigeons, jack hammers, bicycle bells, dogs barking, horns honking, etc. I would play this record, much to the sheer agony of my parents, ad nauseum, making up a story for each sound. I like to think that was the first hint of a career in public radio. I joined The World's newsroom in 2013 after working as an independent producer/reporter. Prior to that I had a penchant for joining corps; first the Peace Corps in Romania and then traveling around the U.S. in an Airstream trailer as a facilitator for StoryCorps. When I'm not enlisting in yet another corps, you may find me baking pie, eating pie, and pretty much thinking about pie.

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Global Politics

You are what you speak — how Europe is using language analysis to designate refugees


There's been many news accounts recently about refugees from other parts of the world trying to pass as Syrian. Countries in the EU have outsourced language tests/analysis of refugees to determine whether their origin is what they say it is. However, it's much more complicated then just knowing a certain vocabulary.