Jason Margolis

Jason focuses primarily on stories about economics and politics, but also covers topics ranging from US foreign policy, to climate change, to immigration reform. During his time at The World, Jason has reported from more than 15 countries and 25 US states, including the top of a rickety tower 150 feet above the Panamanian jungle, an abandoned town near Chernobyl, Ukraine, and shops and restaurants along the Texas-Mexico border.
Jason has a master’s degree in journalism from the University of California at Berkeley, and a bachelor’s degree in history from UCLA. Prior to joining The World in 2006, Jason was a reporter with KQED Public Radio in its Sacramento bureau, The Seattle Times newspaper, and MarketWatch in San Francisco. He is the recipient of multiple reporting awards from Northern California journalism associations and the Society of Environmental Journalists, and was a finalist for the Livingston Award for Young Journalists.
Throughout his various travels, his favorite place remains the Sierra Nevada mountains of his native Northern California, but Australia and the islands of the Philippines rank pretty high too. Jason now lives in Boston with his wife and two children. He believes it’s possible to support both the Red Sox and the Giants without any conflicts of interest.

Recent Stories

Conflict & Justice

Texas volunteers help Central American migrants during their first hours of freedom on US soil

Some migrant families with young children detained shortly after arriving from Central America are sent to live with relatives in the US as they await their date in court. That transition — suddenly being released — can be frightening and overwhelming. But there is one effort in McAllen, Texas, to help these migrants during their first few minutes on US soil.