Davey Kim

Davey Kim

About four years ago, I mustered my courage and called into my local radio news talk show to share my experiences growing up as an Asian minority in a segregated housing project. From then on, I realized how public radio can foster civic engagement and discussion and so I decided this is how I would contribute to my community. Since then, I've enjoyed doing under-the-radar features, ranging from a profile of a North Korean refugee to naked bike riders.

I recently graduated from UCLA with a non-journalism degree (Sociology and Psychology), but was a radio reporter, host and music DJ for the school's newspaper. I've also interned with NPR-KPCC, The Dinner Party Download (APM) and Marketplace (APM). My dream is to become a storyteller for minority voices.

In my spare time, I like to try new recipes (so send them my way!) I also enjoy the look on people's faces when I ride my 36-inch wheel unicycle in bike races - pure terror and curiosity. I also like odd artifacts, and my latest find is a snare drum signed by the UN's Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

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