Catherine Winter

Catherine Winter

Catherine Winter is a freelance reporter and editor, as well as senior producer of The Really Big Questions, a program that explores questions that intrigue scientists and philosophers. She edits documentaries for American RadioWorks, the national documentary unit of American Public Media.

Catherine has won dozens of national awards, including the Peabody Award, the duPont-Columbia Silver Baton, the American Bar Association Silver Gavel, and the Casey Medal. She has a masters degree in journalism from the University of California, Berkeley. She taught journalism and media law and ethics at the University of Minnesota Duluth, where she received the College of Liberal Arts Teaching Award. She is a beekeeper and a master gardener.

Recent Stories

Lifestyle & Belief

Does the West have a monopoly on romantic love?


Is love, romantic love, a universal emotion? In the West, it often seems we live, die and even kill for love. Love is passionate, foolish and cherished. But in many cultures, arranged marriages are the norm and romantic love is, well, disruptive. It turns out people across the globe feel romantic love, but they don't necessarily act on it.

Science, Tech & Environment

Japanese citizen radiation-tracking program goes big time, spawns U.S. branch

In the wake of the the meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan two years ago, a great deal of radiation was released into the atmosphere. So a group of Japanese residents set out to determine where the radiation was, block-by-block. Now they hope to do the same thing for air pollution in two U.S. cities.