Bruce Wallace

Bruce Wallace is a freelance journalist and multimedia producer, with particular interest in international, human rights, religion, and arts-and-culture reporting.

He works regularly for PRI’s The World, and has also contributed to Radio Diaries, All Things Considered, Marketplace Morning Report, The New York Times Magazine,  Al Jazeera America, and The Washington Post.

He was born in Baltimore, lives in Brooklyn with his wife and cat, and enjoys long walks on the beach and other stuff.

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Business, Finance & Economics

Most Bangladeshi garment workers are women, but their union leaders weren't. Until now.

In recent years, horrible disasters in Bangladesh's garment industry have left hundreds of garment workers dead or injured. Since then, both international clothing labels and the Bangladeshi government have promised reforms. But some of the workers have also responded by joining unions. And female workers are taking more of a leadership role in that struggle.