Bradley Campbell


I work as a producer at The World. It's my dream gig. Honest. I first became a listener of The World while working a summer job as a landscaper back in the day.

I've been lucky enough to study at the Metcalf Institute for Marine and Environmental Reporting, cover the Cape Cod Baseball League for WCAI, and report in the Paris of the Rust Belt for The Cleveland Scene.

When not at work, I enjoy bicycles made by Brian Chapman, beer brewed by Pretty Things, coffee roasted by Heart, and books written by Tony Earley.

I grew up on 11 acres of forest in the rural town of Dallas, OR. I'm still comfortable with a chainsaw. 

Recent Stories

Global Politics

US contractor Alan Gross starts a hunger strike in hopes of being released from a Cuban military prison

US Contractor Alan Gross has been imprisoned in Cuba for the last four years on charges of spying. He's now going on a hunger strike. He says it's to protest both the Cuban and US government. Peter Kornbluh, of the National Security Archive, explains the real danger of Gross doing such a move, both for the contractor and for US Cuban relations.