Bradley Campbell


I work as a producer at The World. It's my dream gig. Honest. I first became a listener of The World while working a summer job as a landscaper back in the day.

I've been lucky enough to study at the Metcalf Institute for Marine and Environmental Reporting, cover the Cape Cod Baseball League for WCAI, and report in the Paris of the Rust Belt for The Cleveland Scene.

When not at work, I enjoy bicycles made by Brian Chapman, beer brewed by Pretty Things, coffee roasted by Heart, and books written by Tony Earley.

I grew up on 11 acres of forest in the rural town of Dallas, OR. I'm still comfortable with a chainsaw. 

Recent Stories

Health & Medicine

How 'big data' could help stop the spread of Ebola

When it comes to containing an outbreak like Ebola, anticipating where it might spread next is crucial. Until somewhat recently, however, the only way to do that was through untimely census records. But with the proliferation of so-called "big data," epidemiologists can track in real time where West Africans are headed — and where they might be spreading the disease.