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Your total is $57.67 — will that be cash, credit or phone?

Magnetic-stripe credit and debit cards are like catnip for hackers, who have been broken into retailers like Target and Home Depot and installed malicious software on their cash registers. Now, chip-based cards are becoming more common in the US and are expected to grow rapidly in the coming year. Then there's Apple Pay, a mobile payment system that eliminates cards entirely. Where is this all heading?


Sleep cycles can affect an athlete's performance

If you watched Sunday's Super Bowl, you witnessed its improbable ending: Jermaine Kearse’s remarkable catch near the end; Seattle coach Pete Carroll's surprising play call at the goal line; and the interception that clinched the win for the New England Patriots. Would the outcome have been different had the game been played at a different time of day? We'll never know. But new research may provide an intriguing insight.