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World Cup Soccer

The United States and Slovenia ended a very exciting World Cup match today in a tie at 2 goals apiece. Anchor Katy Clark speaks with William Troop, who's manning The World's Soccer bureau, about today's game.


World Cup teams hit by injuries

Only days before the soccer World Cup starts, one of the stars, Didier Drogba, has been injured and is expected to miss the tournament. Also, the captain of the English team will miss the World Cup due to injury. The World's William Troop has more.


Geo answer

For today Geo Quiz, we asked what country has elevated the soccer move known as the ?paradinha? to an art form? The answer is Brazil. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with The World's resident soccer expert, William Troop.

Conflict & Justice

In other soccer news

The World's William Troop tells anchor Jeb Sharp about a shocking incident of foul play on the soccer field � an incident that seems to have denied Ireland a place at the soccer World Cup.