Stories from Clark Boyd

Conflict & Justice

Offline in China

The US-based rights group, Freedom House, said today that China tops the charts as one of the world's worst offenders of internet censorship. The World's Clark Boyd has details.

Arts, Culture & Media

Global Hit

Hip hop artist Joaquin Santos is from San Diego but he has strong family ties to El Salvador. His solo album, Salva Vida, tackles the social, political and economic problems plaguing the Central American nation.

Global Politics

Space station turns 10

The International Space Station turns ten years old today. Some say it's a colossal waste of time and money. Others say its a symbol of what can be done in space when nations work together. The World's Clark Boyd reports.

Arts, Culture & Media

World War One blog

November 11th 1918 marked the end of World War One. And today marks the end of a blog centered on the conflict. Englishman Bill Lamin has been posting his grandfather Harry's letters from the war -- 90 years to the day after they were written.

Science, Tech & Environment

Cybercrime bust

Today, police in Britain announced that they've shut down a website called DarkMarket. Authorities say the site allowed criminals worldwide to buy and sell things such as credit card numbers, bank details, and log-ins.