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Producer/Video Journalist
Sonia Narang is a multimedia producer and video journalist. She has produced videos for in-depth multimedia projects at PRI's The World, including the global cancer series and the year-long South African school series. She has also filmed musicians for The World’s Global Hit web videos.
Sonia has also produced and reported video stories in Japan, India and the US for the New York Times, GlobalPost, PBS NewsHour, Frontline/World, and
She once filmed a cat petting café in Osaka. She also reported on the aftermath of the Japan tsunami, the controversy over U.S. military bases in Okinawa, and alternative energy in rural India.
Sonia has a master’s degree in journalism and documentary film from the University of California at Berkeley. A native Californian, she first ventured east for college (majored in English at Amherst College), and got her start in journalism at a newspaper in Colorado more than a decade ago.

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Lifestyle & Belief

A few months ago this Nepali girl was a goddess, now she's a seventh grader

In Nepal, a centuries old tradition of choosing a young girl as a goddess continues to this day. Nepali Hindus and Buddhists worship this girl, known as a Kumari. They believe she's a reincarnation of the Hindu goddess, Durga. There are a few different goddesses in the Kathmandu valley. The World's Sonia Narang spent time with one of them during a trip to Nepal.