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Conflict & Justice

The secret lives of the Mafia hunters

The Mafia has been part of Sicilian life for generations, and so has the battle by police to arrest its leaders. The elite unit that goes after them is called the Catturandi — from the word meaning "to catch" — one of its officers described the shadowy world in which he works, and how he kept his job hidden from his girlfriend until she recognized his bottom on TV.

Global Politics

Obama, in his final State of the Union, confronts those stoking fear of terrorism

President Barack Obama in his final State of the Union address made a serious effort to calm fears about terrorism. He acknowledged the danger was real, but also stated that in no way did terrorism threaten America’s national existence. In the Republican response, Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina talked of the most dangerous threat to the US since September 11. So where does the truth lie?