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Do you care who ends up as US president?

If you are 18-34, we have an offer: Join a Facebook group that will lead a worldwide conversation about the presidential candidates, the issues and whether voting matters? You'll make friends across the globe and help PRI and Mic cover this election.

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Introducing myself as 'they/them/their' at my workplace

What pronouns do you use? Have you ever been asked? Do you ask others their pronouns? This week on the podcast, we hand over the reins to our talented summer intern, Paulus van Horne, to share a very personal story about pronouns. In the spring of 2016, Paulus came out as non-binary at college, asking friends and teachers to use the gender neutral pronouns they/them/their. This summer at The World, Paulus came out for the first time at a workplace. This is their story.