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The 'slimy, smelly, creepy world' of Gross Science

NOVA's Anna Rothschild says she has always loved science that is particularly gross, which explains why she's now the host of the popular YouTube channel Gross Science for WGBH and PBS Digital. Despite her success, she sometimes has doubts about herself, a psychological phenomenon known as imposter syndrome. But, Rothschild has some advice — shun the imposter syndrome, and know you’re not alone.

Development & Education

Despite protests, Ontario is going forward with a newer, more modern sex ed curriculum. These girls helped make it happen.

There’s a battle afoot over sex education in the Canadian province of Ontario. The government says it’s overhauling its sex ed curriculum — which it hasn’t done since 1998 — to prepare kids for issues like tolerance, consent, and so many things they might encounter on the Internet. Some parents say they’ll pull their children out of class rather than expose them to what they call harmful material. But two teen activists are not only welcoming the changes: they helped make them.