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Respect: A young tour guide, a Hiroshima survivor and a baton passed


It's 70 years this week since the United States dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. It killed about 70,000 people instantly. Tens of thousands more died of radiation sickness. We'll be spending some time this week considering how the attack is remembered. Who tells the story of Hiroshima? And who listens?

Business, Finance & Economics

Is this the workplace of the future?


A New York Times report over the weekend described a workplace culture at Amazon where long hours, regular culling of staff and back-stabbing are the norm. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos shot back, saying he doesn't recognize the company described by the Times and that he'd never work at a company with a workplace culture like that. Is the workplace model described by the Times really what's in store in the future?