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Science, Tech & Environment

Rename that fish!

Catfish farmers use Asian Carp to control algae. Some escaped, posing such a threat that the White House had an 'Asian Carp Summit'. One solution to deal with the carp population is to eat them, but, Alex Gallafent reports, the current name doesn't sell.

Global Politics

Gordon Brown apology

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, unaware that a microphone was switched on, referred to a potential voter as a 'bigoted woman.' The prime minister was later forced to apologize. Anchor Marco Werman has details.

Conflict & Justice

Greece's credit downgraded

The international credit rating agency, Standard and Poor's, downgraded Greek debt to a level known informally as 'junk.' Anchor Marco Werman discusses the role of credit rating agencies with Justin Fox, Editorial Director of Harvard Business Review.

Arts, Culture & Media

The noise in Cairo

Noise pollution is especially bothersome in highly populated cities. The Egyptian capital Cairo is one of them... but for Cairenes, their city just wouldn't be the same without all that commotion, as Daniel Estrin reports.

Lifestyle & Belief

Afghanistan's government

Anchor Marco Werman talks to reporter Anna Badkhen, who has been travelling through Northern Afghanistan, about conditions there under the current government. Critics say the defeat of the Taliban depends on a more effective and less corrupt government.

Iraq's fragile culture

Marco Werman talks with Sinan Antoon, professor of Arabic Literature and Culture at New York University, about the reality of life in today's Iraq.

Ana Tijoux

We are going to hear about a French-Chilean hip-hop artist named Ana Tijoux. She's got a new album in stores this week -- her first U.S. release. Reporter Betto Arcos met her in Los Angeles. From PRI's The World.

Global Politics

Oil spill logistics

An oil well off the Louisiana coast is still leaking oil into the Gulf of Mexico after it blew up last week. A similar incident occurred last year off the coast of Australia. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Louisa Rebgetz of Australian Broadcasting.