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Surfing in Liberia

For years Liberia was infamous for its civil war but now surfing fans are discovering the beaches. In the Geo Quiz we're looking for Liberia's surfing capital, New York Times' Diplomatic Correspondent Helene Cooper knows where to find it.

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Etelvina Maldonado

For our Global Hit today, we want to tell you about a woman who died this week, unknown to many here in the U.S. Etelvina Maldonado was 75. Even in her home of Colombia, Etelvina Maldonado was not a household name.

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Afghanistan conference

Afghan forces will begin taking control of security in some of the country's provinces by the end of 2010, a key summit on its future has pledged. Marco Werman talks with Afghanistan's finance minister Omar Zakhilwal, who attended the London conference.

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Reaching out to the Taliban

Afghan President Hamid Karzai is reaching out to the Taliban ? as a way to decrease tensions inside Afghanistan. That's welcome news to many in the spiritual home of the Taliban?Kandahar. The CBC's Derek Stoffel reports.

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Coordinating aid for Haiti

It has been more than two weeks since the deadly earthquake struck Haiti. Marco Werman speaks with Stephanie Bunker of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs about the range of countries now contributing to the relief effort in Haiti.

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Is Yemen in trouble?

Yemen is the subject of a high-level international conference in London. There are fears the Arab nation could become a failed state and a haven for al-Qaeda. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with the Middle East editor of London's Guardian newpaper, Ian Black.

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Come to Yemen

The negative international press surrounding Yemen is making one person's job increasingly difficult ? the man who's trying to sell the country to would-be tourists. Anchor Marco Werman reports.

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Geo answer

We're looking for a city in China's mountainous Hunan province. The answer to our geo quiz is Zhangjiajie. Locals claim their rocky mountains look just like the floating mountains in the movie Avatar, so they've officially renamed one Hallelujah Mountain.

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Tensions follow soccer rivals

Correspondent Aya Batrawy reports from Cairo on the bitter rivalry between soccer clubs Egypt and Algeria. Their last match caused riots in both countries. Now they're set to meet tomorrow in the semi-finals of the Africa Cup of Nations in Angola.