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Conflict & Justice

Haiti's political crisis continues

Haiti's election commission has invited candidates to appeal the outcome of the country's presidential election. It's an attempt to restore calm after unrest and allegations that the vote was rigged. Anchor Lisa Mullins finds out more from Robert Fatton.

Global Politics

Haiti's mobile money

Sarah Palin urged Americans on Sunday not to forget Haiti as she wrapped up a weekend visit to the Caribbean nation. Haitians have been looking for ways to help themselves and some are using their cell phones to do so. Sabri Ben-Acho reports from Haiti.

Global Politics

A smelly problem in Brussels' subway

Brussels is often considered the 'Capitol of Europe.' So, you'd think the city's subway system would reflect the city's place in the world. As The World's Clark Boyd reports, many in Brussels find plenty to sniff at when it comes to their Metro system.

Arts, Culture & Media

'Norwegian Wood,' the movie

Lisa Mullins talks with Roland Kelts in Japan about the release of the film adaptation of Japanese writer Haruki Murakami's 1987 bestseller 'Norwegian Wood.' The book is one of Japan's bestselling novels and the movie just opened in Japan.

Arts, Culture & Media

Racing the equator

Formula One race cars travel at speeds of up to 220 miles per hour. So for our Geo Quiz, we wonder how long it would take to drive around the earth at that speed? How long would it take to drive one lap along the equator, if you could?

Arts, Culture & Media

Accordion legend Don Lipovac

Among accordion enthusiasts, Kansas City native Don Lipovac is a legend.The 75-year-old musician was once recognized as our nation's best accordion player and his fame reaches across the Atlantic. Reporter Elana Gordon has more from KCUR.

Global Politics

Custer's last flag

A damaged cavalry flag that was found on the battlefield at Little Bighorn went on the auction block today. It fetched more than eight million dollars, as The World's Carol Zall reports.