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Conflict & Justice

Billing reckless French tourists

France's parliament is considering legislation that would put a financial squeeze on tourists who travel to war zones and other hotspots. Supporters say if reckless tourists need government rescues, they should pay. Genevieve Oger reports from Paris.

Global Politics

Danger tourism

More tourists are winding up in places they shouldn't be. Some travel to war zones or countries their government has warned them not to. Robert Reid is an editor with Lonely Planet. Marco Werman asked him why people are heading to dangerous places.

Conflict & Justice

Mideast consultation

President Obama is meeting with Israeli prime minster Benjamin Netanyahu. Expectations for the stalled Middle East peace process are low, and the meeting is likely to anger Palestinians. The World's Matthew Bell reports.

Conflict & Justice

The Larsson inheritance

The family of Swedish crime author Stieg Larsson has offered Larsson's partner a settlement to end a dispute over his inheritance. The World's Carol Zall reports on the latest chapter in the Larsson saga.

Global Politics

Fourteen walls

Two decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, there are still barriers dividing countries, towns, and families. We hear from the project's editor, Juan Carlos Perez.

Arts, Culture & Media

Protest songs

Artists often play a part in the struggle against barriers. The World's Gerry Hadden has been looking into songs that symbolized the struggle against the divided Germany. He didn't find many. But the few he found mostly came from the former East Germany.

Global Politics

Muslims in the armed forces

President Barack Obama has said the entire nation is grieving after a shooting that killed 13 people at Fort Hood in Texas. The tragedy casts a light on Muslims serving in the US military. The World's Matthew Bell reports.

Conflict & Justice

Mentoring Afghan police

Earlier this week an Afghan policeman turned on five British soldiers and killed them. Retired Captain Doug Beattie says he twice encountered situations that made him question the loyalty of his Afghan allies. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with him.