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Global Politics

Russia and US on arms deal

With the world's attention trained on the global economy, little attention has been paid to a striking goal set by the Russian and American presidents: to rid the world of nuclear weapons. The World's Alex Gallafent reports.

Global Politics

NATO summit next for President Obama

President Obama's first strut across the world stage is not over. As The World's Gerry Hadden reports, tomorrow the American president attends a NATO summit where he is expected to get an earful about how the 60-year-old organization should move forward regarding Russia and Afghanistan.

A new direction for military training

The US military is taking lessons learned from Iraq and Afghanistan, and it's preparing American troops to fight future insurgencies. But what are the trade-offs in focusing so much on counterinsurgency warfare? The World's Matthew Bell reports.

Arts, Culture & Media

Geo answer

Today's Geo Answer is Grimsby, England, where Icelandandic fishermen are going in increasing numbers to sell their catch. The BBC's Sarah Falkingham reports Icelandic fishermen are finding it hard to sell their catch at home - so they're travel to Grimsby to market it.

Arts, Culture & Media

Global Hit

The World's Adeline Sire tells us about "Paris 36," a movie that harks back to the golden age of French cinema, with lavish sets and music. It also explores the labor unrest that rocked France in the 1930s.

Science, Tech & Environment

Remote control war

Those unmanned aircraft that fly over war zones do have pilots. But they sit in a high-tech cockpit back in the United States. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Air Force Colonel Eric Mathewson, who has spent many hours at the controls of aircraft in Afghanistan, about what's it's like to be thousands of miles away from your war zone.

Arts, Culture & Media

Old Damascus

The World's Aaron Schachter takes a walk through the Old City in Damascus, Syria to see how efforts to attract more people is transforming the traditional feel of this ancient marketplace.

Conflict & Justice

Offline in China

The US-based rights group, Freedom House, said today that China tops the charts as one of the world's worst offenders of internet censorship. The World's Clark Boyd has details.

Global Politics

Obama in London

It's been a busy day for President Obama in London. Anchor Lisa Mullins reviews the day's events with the BBC's diplomatic correspondent, Jonathan Marcus, and discusses whether the economic crisis is changing the world's balance of power.