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Validity of organic foods from China

The Department of Agriculture today struck off a food inspection association in China. The Department cited conflict of interest. Marco Werman speaks with author Michael Pollan about the globalization of the organic food industry and its problems.

Global Politics

Genetically engineered foods in Europe

In Germany, public opinion runs strongly against genetically engineered crops. Scientists who work in the field endure protests and occasional threats. So why stay in Germany? The German government provides generous research funding. David Hecht reports.

Global Politics

Geo answer

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is the Japanese city of Nagoya which next month hosts the Grand Sumo Tournament. The major Sumo competition that comes as a Sumo gambling scandal in Japan widens. Anchor Marco Werman get details from Mike Wesemann.

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Sounding the vuvuzela

World Cup fever is officially spiking well over 98 degrees Fahrenheit. You can feel it, and you can hear it. If you can't hear World Cup fever, you're probably deaf. The love hate relationship with the vuvuzela on today's show.

Global Politics

Geo Quiz and answer

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is South Australia. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Lou Friedman, executive director of the Planetary Society about the Japanese Space Agency's mission Hayabusa.

Arts, Culture & Media

Pato Fu

Marco Werman profiles Brazilian rock band Pato Fu, now going viral with its video of Paul McCartney's ?Live and Let Die,' performed on toy instruments. From PRI's The World.

Arts, Culture & Media

The greatest show on earth

The soccer World Cup kicked off in South Africa today. Some Americans are there to cheer for the US team and feel the excitement. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with an American who's travelled to South Africa to root for the US team.


World Cup under way in South Africa

The 2010 soccer World Cup has opened with a spectacular ceremony in Johannesburg. It's the first FIFA World Cup on African soil and in Liberia, too, soccer fever is palpable, even though Liberia's team isn't even playing. Jason Margolis has more.

Global Politics

An update on Gaza

Anchor Marco Werman gets an update on life inside Gaza from the BBC's Wyre Davies. He says there's food, if you can afford it, but few supplies to build up Gaza's fragile infrastructure.

Global Politics

Adopt a waloon

Belgium goes to the polls on Sunday amid fears that could split the country permanently. The World's Clark Boyd is in Brussels, where an online group is trying to cool passions by encouraging rivals to ?adopt' someone from the other side.

Conflict & Justice

Questions about Jamaica's police

At least 73 Jamaicans died in gun battles this month when police and military pursued alleged drug lord Christopher Dudus Coke in Kingston.Human rights advocates urge police restraint to prevent more collateral deaths. The BBC's Nick Davis reports.

Global Politics

Midwife of the Year

Preparing for childbirth in rural Ghana, where clinics are scarce and ill-equipped, is a frightening prospect. Mary Issaka should know. She has received the Midwife of the Year award from the Johns Hopkins affiliated group Jhpiego.