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Turkish metropolis

We're off to western Turkey for today's Geo Quiz. Legend has it the ancient city of Byzantium was founded by ancient Greeks who sailed across the Aegean Sea. Today it is part of Turkey under what name?

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Tunisia unrest continues

At least four people died in overnight clashes in Tunisia despite a curfew and the deployment of troops, opposition officials have said. The nationwide protests have been fueled by anger at poverty, unemployment and corruption. Clark Boyd reports.

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Violence on the rise in Gaza

Violence along Israel's border with Gaza has been on the rise in recent weeks. Today, Gaza'a Hamas rulers are reported to be deploying their own security forces to put a lid on the attacks. The World's Matthew Bell has more from Jerusalem.

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Former name of Tokyo

Japan's capital Tokyo is one of the world's largest mega cities. It's got skyscrapers galore, national parks, and cherry blossoms. Tokyo got its name in 1868 but for centuries prior to that, it was called something else.

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Berlusconi suffers legal setback

Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi suffered a legal setback today. Italy's Constitutional Court ruled that he can no longer claim official business as an excuse to avoid testifying in legal cases against him. The World's Gerry Hadden has more.

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Carmen Consoli's 'Mio Zio'

The World's Marco Werman listens to the new CD by Italy's Carmen Consoli. It features a sonf ?Mio Zio,? or my uncle, about child sexual abuse. The song got US rocker Patti Smith up on stage to sing it with Consoli at a concert last summer.

Global Politics

Rhetoric in political discourse

In recent days there's been a focus on political rhetoric in the US and how it affects wider society. We go to journalists in Germany and Netherlands to find out what the tenor of political rhetoric is like in those countries.

Global Politics

Origins of 'blood libel'

Republican Sarah Palin defended her fiery campaign rhetoric and accused critics of 'blood libel' for linking her to the deadly Arizona shooting spree. Reporter Alex Gallafent researches 'blood libel', examining the phrase's origin and rhetorical power.

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Cane rats as delicacy

In parts of Africa cane rats are considered a delicacy.In Cameroon the government is promoting cane rat husbandry to provide income to small farmers and to reduce hunting pressure on wildlife. Correspondent Jori Lewis has the story from Yaounde.

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Flooding in Brisbane

Large parts of the Australian city of Brisbane are now completely deserted with thousands of people fleeing the rising waters. In low-lying suburbs only rooftops remain visible. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with reporter Peter Collins of National Nine News.

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Haiti marks earthquake anniversary

Today marks the 1st anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti. A million people still live in tents and makeshift shelters all over the capital Port-au-Prince. As The World's Jeb Sharp reports, Haitians are still grappling with the enormity of what happened.