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Global Hit

Male harpists are a rare breed. And male JAZZ harpists even more so. The World's Adeline Sire tells us that the latest album from Colombian musician Edmar Castaneda is making its mark in the world of jazz.

Lifestyle & Belief

Talking to the Taliban

Could diplomacy be the answer to ending the war in Afghanistan? What would it take bring the Taliban to the table? Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Michael Semple, who spent 20 years working in Afghanistan.

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Armenia and Turkey

Armenia's president is about to make history by signing an agreement with Turkey. Many Armenians living abroad feel it absolves Turkey of responsibility for what they call the Genocide of 1915. The World's Aaron Schachter has more.

Global Politics

The battle of Wanat

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with the Washington Post's Greg Jaffe, lead reporter on a series that chronicles one of the costliest encounters of the war for US forces in Afghanistan� last year's Battle of Wanat in Nuristan.

Global Politics

The aftermath of battle

Retired Col. David Brostrom lost his son, Jonathan Bostrom last year, during the Battle of Wanat in Afghanistan. The grieving father tells host Marco Werman why his son's troops were not given the supplies and support needed to repel the enemy.

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Raising Bangladesh

Some of the countries most at risk from climate change are low-lying nations. And chief among them is the South Asian country of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is experimenting with floods to prevent floods. Daniel Grossman has our story on PRI's The World.

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Israel's settlements

President Obama seems have to backed off his call for a building freeze on Israeli settlements. Israel says �natural growth� within existing settlements must be permitted, while Palestinians want a freeze. Matthew Bell reports.

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Geo answer

We asked for the name of Amsterdam's longest canal. The answer is The Prinsengracht or the Prince's Canal. The Dutch city is also home to the Anne Frank House. There's a new video channel there. Anchor Marco Werman finds out more from Maureen MacNeil.

Conflict & Justice

Warren Harding's presidency

President Warren Harding's been known as our worst president. But various writers have begun to restore his reputation. James David Robenalt got his hands on love letters between Harding and his mistress Carrie Phillips. Marco Werman speaks with him.

Global Politics

Geo answer

Today's Geo Quiz asks for the name of a former count. .SU stands for the Soviet Union. Despite efforts to pull the plug on the Internet country code, an estimated 80-thousand websites still use it.

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Clothing with a secret

�Dress Codes� is a new exhibit at the International Center of Photography in New York. The exhibit highlights some clothes that have a secret. The World's Alex Gallafent interviews Peruvian photographer Milagros de la Torre.