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Global Hit and Geo answer

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks to Irish flutist Sir James Galway and Cuban pianist Jorge Martinez. Martinez fronts the band Tiempo Libre. Sir James and Martinez's band have recorded a new album that mixes classical jazz with Latin rhythms.

Conflict & Justice

Mumbai in the aftermath

People in Mumbai went back to work today. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with reporter Nikhil Dixit about how the city is coping in the aftermath of last week's deadly attacks. Dixit is a crime reporter for the "Daily News and Analysis" newspaper in Mumbai.

Mumbai attacks

We'll have the latest on the attacks in Mumbai. Anchor David Baron speaks with the BBC's Karishma Vaswani, who witnessed the end of the siege at a Jewish Center.

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India mood

Anchor David Baron speaks with MJ Akbar, an independent journalist and author about a mood of fear and anger in India in the wake of the Mumbai attacks.

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Geo Answer

For today's geoquiz we were looking for the Shangrila Express and we found at least two. The first is a new railway that runs from Beijing to Lhasa in Tibet. The other can be found on the streets of Brooklyn, New York. It's a food cart run by street vendor, Namgyal Gompa who sells traditional Tibetan cuisine.

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Global Hit

The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, a cavalry regiment of the British Army stationed in Iraq, recorded a bagpipe album last year. It sold an unexpected 300,000 copies. Now they've recorded a sequel, this time at the Basra airport under a tent.

Arts, Culture & Media

Global Hit

Senegalese musician Youssou N'Dour and Honduran Aurelio Martinez have been performing together for the past year. They tell us about their different styles of music and perform two songs for us.

Mumbai attacks update

Anchor Ken Bader speaks with the BBC's Rahul Tandon outside the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, about the still chaotic scene in Mumbai, India, after yesterday's terrorist attacks. Authorities say more than 100 people died when gunmen opened fire in coordinated attacks throughout India's financial capital.