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Global Politics

Russia's nuclear aims

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Dmitri Trenin of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Moscow about Russia's stake in the nuclear disarmament treaty it signed today with the United States.

Global Politics

British elections

British politicians are trying something new ahead of elections next month. The leaders of the two biggest parties are going to debate, US presidential election-style. The World's Laura Lynch reports.

Conflict & Justice

Safety in the air

In the wake of yesterday's incident involving a Qatari diplomat who caused a security scare on board a flight to Denver, anchor Marco Werman talks with airline pilot Patrick Smith about in-flight safety in the U.S.

Conflict & Justice

Saudi Burger King ads

Burger King ads that will air on Arab TV channels across the Middle East poke fun at Americans' ignorance of Saudi Arabia. Anchor Marco Werman gets the story from Caryle Murphy, correspondent for the Global Post news service.

Arts, Culture & Media

Geo answer

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is Tikrit in the Iraqi province of Salah ad Din. Its home to a palace once occupied by Saddam Hussein. US Sergeant First Class George Havel spent four months in Tikrit and gave reporter Jake Warga a tour of Tikrit's palace.

Global Politics

Mending Polish-Russian relations

More than twenty thousand Polish POWs were murdered by the Soviet secret police in 1940. Now for the first time the Russian government has invited a Polish leader to commemorate the Katyn massacre. Anchor Marco Werman has details.

Conflict & Justice

Burma activist returns to US home

A US-Burmese democracy activist was arrested last fall when he tried to enter Myanmar. He spent five months in prison before being released two weeks ago. Kyaw Zaw Lwin is now back at his home in Washington. Reporter Bruce Wallace pays him a visit.

Global Politics

Three bomb attacks hit Baghdad

At least twenty-eight people have been killed in a number of explosions in the Iraqi capital Baghdad. More than ninety people are reported to have been wounded. Violence continues during post-election vacuum. The BBC's Jim Muir reports.