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IEDs in Afghanistan

Improvised explosive devices ? or IEDs ? are crude but deadly devices that have cost thousands of lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ben Gilbert has the first of several stories on IEDs in Afghanistan and the effort to counter them.

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Geo Quiz / Geo answer

For today's Geo Quiz we're looking for the country that celebrates Losar or New Year's Day on Sunday, February 14. The answer is Tibet. Producer Tsering Yangzom visits a family in Malden, Massachusetts that's preparing for Losar.

Global Politics

Bienvenue at the love cafe

Some singles are getting a little tired of Internet dating sites. Many are looking for new ways to meet that special person in person. One of them is to attend a Cafe de l'Amour. Reporter Genevieve Oger attended one.

Global Politics

Haiti holds day of mourning

Haiti has been holding a day of national mourning exactly one month after the earthquake struck, killing at least 217,000 people. Haiti's President Rene Preval vowed that his country will live on. Marco Werman talks with the BBC's Nick Davis in Haiti.


Olympic luger dies after crash

The death of a luge competitor who left the track at high speed has cast a shadow over the Winter Olympics in Canada ahead of the opening ceremony. The World's Katy Clark has been following events.

Conflict & Justice

Portugal says it's not Greece

As Greece struggles with its mounting debt, some other struggling European economies are trying to assure investors that they're not the next Greece. One of those countries is Portugal. The World's Gerry Hadden reports from Lisbon.

Charlie Wilson obituary

Anchor Marco Werman remembers Charlie Wilson, the former Texas Congressman who died yesterday. The Congressman's efforts to increase US support for Afghan rebels in the 1980's were the focus of the film ?Charlie Wilson's War.?

Global Politics

China's dirty water problem

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Dr. Peter Gleick about China's massive water pollution problems. The Chinese government reported this week that levels of common water pollutants were twice as high as they had previously thought.