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Egypt's Ali G.

A new Egyptian TV show features a fake Italian talk show host who interviews unsuspecting Egyptian officials. He asks them sexually suggestive questions, which is taboo in Egypt. But the host steers well clear of political satire. Julia Simon reports.

Lifestyle & Belief

UN condemns Taliban attack

The UN has condemned a Taliban raid on a guest house in Kabul that killed six of its employees and vowed it would not deter its work in Afghanistan. The World's Aaron Schachter has stayed in the Kabul neighborhood in which the attack took place.

Arts, Culture & Media

Eers one helluva Merlot!

Not sure if long legs are a good thing in a glass of wine? Well, a supermarket chain in Britain wants to make it easier for customers unfamiliar with wine speak. Spar is experimenting with wine labels written in local slang.

Global Politics

Owning a piece of the Berlin Wall

Twenty years ago, the wall that divided East and West Berlin came down in dramatic fashion. Since that time, the Berlin Wall has been broken up. Former Berlin resident Juliane Camfield tells Alex Gallafent she could never own a piece of the wall.

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Geo answer

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is Tristan da Cunha or 'Tristan' for short. Andy Isaacson sends an audio postcard from this island in the South Atlantic. It's been called the most remote inhabited island on Earth.

Arts, Culture & Media

Global Hit: The Soldiers

Lance Corporal Ryan Idzi, Sergeant Major Gary Chilton, and Sergeant Richie Maddocks are all serving soldiers. They've made an album. They call themselves, unsurprisingly, The Soldiers, and the album is Coming Home. Laura Lynch has today's Global Hit.

Global Politics

Politics and violence in Iraq

Anchor Jeb Sharp speaks with Haddad Salih, a translator for the BBC's Baghdad bureau, about the mood in Iraq following Sunday's double bombing attack that left at least 155 people dead. Some fear the violence will delay upcoming elections in January.