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US Afghan options

President Obama is facing a serious situation in Afghanistan, with the top US commander calling for a revised military strategy there. Anchor Marco Werman reviews the situation with Andrew Exum of the Center for a New American Security in Washington.

Global Politics

Comic relief for German politics

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with a one-of-a-kind candidate who is pretending to run for the German parliamentary election this September. His name is Horst Schlaemmer, who was created by comedian Hape Kerkeling and he's gaining some traction in the polls.

Conflict & Justice

Geo answer

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is Libya. Marco Werman speaks with a Libya-born American political scientist about Libya and forty years of Muammar Qaddafi's rule.

Conflict & Justice

Afghanistan assessment

The top US military commander in Afghanistan has finished his strategic assessment of the war. General Stanley McChrystal says the situation is serious and calls for a new strategy. The World's Matthew Bell reports.

Arts, Culture & Media

Social Security in Japan

The winner of Japan's national elections, the Democratic Party, is promising to revive the nation's economy. It also has challenges with an aging Japan. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Len Schoppa, professor of politics at the University of Virginia

Conflict & Justice

Global impact of porn industry

The idea of corporate responsibility is not exclusive to big corporations. Some small business affect lives around the world. Tim Samuels produced a series for BBC-TV about the impact of porn films in countries where those films are very successful.

Global Politics

US Army to study suicide

The US Army is seeing an increase of suicides. So it's launching the largest-ever study of suicide in the military. The study is just getting underway, but it raises some ethical concerns about privacy and consent. The World's Katy Clark reports.

Global Politics

Locating al-Qaeda

America's top general in Afghanistan says a new strategy is needed. It's assumed that a goal will be to reduce the capability of al-Qaeda. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Bruce Hoffman, professor of security studies at Georgetown University.

Conflict & Justice

Nuclear isotope shortage

The shutdown of nuclear reactors in Canada and Holland has created a severe shortage in medical isotopes used in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other ailments. The World's Laura Lynch looks at what the shortage means for patients.