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Sudan breakup

Northern Sudan is all but resigned to the impeding independence of Southern Sudan. Matthew Brunwasser reports from Khartoum, where some northerners are sad to see the south go � while others say good riddance.

Global Politics

The ?Palestine Papers'

The Palestinian Authority has accused al-Jazeera TV of distortion, after it leaked documents purporting to show offers of major concessions to Israel. The World's Matthew Bell reports from from the West Bank town of Ramallah.

Arts, Culture & Media

Atlas of Oceans

The world's newest ocean figures in today's Geo Quiz: The ocean we're looking for covers the planet. That is, below 60 degrees southern latitude. So can you name this icy ocean that's on average 13-16 thousand feet deep?

Global Politics

Connecting Venezuela and Cuba

This weekend, an operation begins in Venezuela to lay down a fiberoptic cable all the way to Cuba. We want to know where in Venezuela will the undersea cable start its journey and where will it come ashore in Cuba?

Conflict & Justice

Daring raid on Somali pirates

South Korean special forces launched a dawn raid today in the Arabian Sea on a freighter captured by pirates. They rescued 21 hostages, killed 8 pirates ad captured five more. Anchor Marco Werman finds out more from James Holmes.