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Conflict & Justice

Casualties of Libya's civil war

Gaddafi is taking the fight to the opposition in both western and eastern Libya. There are no reliable casualty figures but we know they must be high. America Abroad senior correspondent Sean Carberry saw for himself at a hospital in the city of Ajdebia.

Conflict & Justice

Protecting evidence in Egypt

Protesters in Egypt stormed several state security buildings over the weekend to stop the destruction of documents that could be used in the prosecution of former members of the Mubarak government. The World's Matthew Bell reports from Cairo.

Business, Finance & Economics

Gaddafi's former PR help

Even before using lethal force against protesters, Muammar Gaddafi had an image problem. A consulting firm was hired in 2006 to spruce up Gaddafi's image. Marco Werman speaks with David Corn, who writes about the Monitor Group in "Mother Jones" magazine.