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Secret history of talks with Cuba

President-elect Barack Obama has said he could talk directly with Cuba's leaders. And as Cuba-scholar Peter Kornbluh tell us, this is not a new idea. Just about every U.S. president for the last 50 years has attempted some sort of quiet talks with the Cubans. President George W. Bush was not one of them, though.

Reaction to Israel's Gaza operations

Arab countries have condemned Israel's offensive in Gaza. But there's been little in the way of action from Arab governments. One exception is Lebanon, which today declared a national day of mourning in support of the Palestinians in Gaza. The Lebanese government is also pledging a million dollars in food and medical aid. Here's more on the Arab reaction from The World's Aaron Schachter in Beirut.

Global Politics

The state of U.S.-Pakistan relations

Host Lisa Mullins speaks with Pakistani author and journalist Ahmed Rashid about relations between the U.S. and Pakistan. They also discuss the importance of Pakistan's move to close a major supply route into Afghanistan as part of its offensive against militants in the region.

Lord's Resistance Army fuels conflict

The World's Katy Clark reports on a recent wave of violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo by a notorious rebel group from neighbouring Uganda known as The Lord's Resistance Army, or LRA. The LRA is believed to have been behind a Christmas Day massacre there that left 400 civilians dead.

Conflict & Justice

Young Somalis disappear

A number of young Somali men have disappeared from Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Their families are concerned they've gone back to fight in the civil war that has plagued Somalia for nearly two decades. From Minneapolis, Todd Melby reports.

Global Politics

The year in China

2008 was a milestone year for China. The Summer Olympics in Beijing capped more than ten years of growing prosperity, prestige and influence for the country. But China also experienced some significant low points this year, including the crackdown in Tibet, scandals over contaminated milk ... and a slowing economy. The World's Mary Kay Magistad looks back at China's 2008.

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Geo Answer and Global Hit

On today's Geo Quiz we were looking for a South African city that was once a way-station for the Dutch East India Company. The answer is Cape Town. That city's streets come alive this week with the sounds of marching minstrels. It's part of a new-year's tradition that dates back to the days when the Dutch forced people from Southeast Asia to work as slaves in Cape Town. Terry FitzPatrick sent us this report.