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Conflict & Justice

Culture clash in Iraq

A new openness in Iraq has lifted the lid on a world of drugs, prostitution and pornography. But the country also is becoming more religious in some ways. Anchor Marco Werman discusses the culture clash with freelance reporter Jane Arraf in Baghdad.

Lifestyle & Belief

Geo answer

The answer to today's Geo quiz is the Beijing-Tibet expressway, where a massive traffic jam stretching 60 miles has clogged the roadway for 9 days. The World's correspondent Mary-Kay Magistad reports.

Arts, Culture & Media

Sweden's soft rock power

Two economists surveyed the hits of the past 50 years from 22 countries. Adjusting for GDP, Sweden is top of the pops. University of Minnesota economist Joel Waldfogel co-authored the study. He speaks with anchor Jeb Sharp.

Global Politics

The happy State of Israel

Israelis may be skeptical about the new round of peace talks but in general, they're feeling pretty positive about things. This week, Newsweek ranked Israel as the most livable country in the Middle East. The World's Matthew Bell reports from Jerusalem.

Global Politics

Lockerbie bomber

A year after the Lockerbie bomber was released from a Scottish prison and sent home to Libya, four US senators are calling for a new investigation into why he was let out. The World's Marcus Wraight reports.