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Conflict & Justice

Green electronics for the US

The US based non-profit Green Electronics Council is trying to make the electronics industry more environmentally friendly. Sarah O'Brien, communications director of the council speaks with Lisa Mullins about efforts to green the electronics industry.

Global Politics

Learning to speak diplomatically

192 countries want to be understood at the United Nations. Many there use English. Some non-English speakers get coaching on how to assert themselves in English, or butt in without sounding rude. Alex Gallafent joins the classroom instruction.

Lifestyle & Belief

Geo Answer

The answer to our Geo Quiz is the town of Harpenden, north of London. It's the hometown of a teenager who used Facebook to invite friends to her birthday party. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with the birthday girl, who has since canceled her party.

Global Politics

India's Commonwealth Games

Teams arriving for the games in Delhi say the athletes village is filthy and unfit for human habitation. But Delhi officials insist everything will be ready to go once the games begin. The World's Laura Lynch reports.

Global Politics

Mexican journalists seek asylum

Four Mexican journalists seeking political asylum in the United States pleaded their case at a news conference in El Paso, Texas Tuesday. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Carlos Spector, the attorney who represents the four journalists.