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Geo quiz

Now, a national holiday is one of the clues to our geo quiz. We are looking for an East African country marking 50 years of independence today.

Global Politics

Prison overcrowding in the UK

In Britain, there's a new push to empty overcrowded prisons. The UK has too much prison over-crowding and will announce that fewer offenders will be locked up, more will be rehabilitated. The World's Laura Lynch reports from London.

Arts, Culture & Media

Epiphany on Plato and music

The writings of the ancient Greek philosopher Plato are cryptic, and often end in riddles. Now a professor at Britain's University of Manchester claims to have cracked a code hidden in Plato's writing. He tells host David Barron how he had an epiphany.

Conflict & Justice

Geo answer

For today's Geo quiz, we're looking for an Italian city 30 miles west of Venice. The answer is Padua. Anchor David Baron speaks with political commentator Sergio Romano, who's in Milan.

Global Politics

Russian spies in US cities

The break-up of the Russian spy ring does not seem to be affecting relations with Russia. Anchor David Baron speaks with Anders Aslund, a senior associate at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, about why top leaders have so far been silent

Global Politics

Alleged Russian spy ring charged

Federal prosecutors have charged eleven people with being part of a Russian espionage ring. The alleged agents were to gather information on nuclear weapons, American policy toward Iran and Congressional politics. The World's Jason Margolis reports.

Global Politics

Problem with the PlayPump

A water pump built into a children's merry-go-round. The idea was simple: It was meant to provide clean water for thousands of African villages. Philanthropists loved it. Until it fell apart. Amy Costello's gives us an update on today's show.

Arts, Culture & Media

Swatch design impact

Watchmakers and designers are hailing the late Nicolas Hayek, the man behind the Swatch brand of watches. Hayek died this week. Anchor David Baron speaks with Donna Loveday, senior curator of London's Design Museum, about his impact on the design world.